About United Humanity Foundation

United Humanity foundation is a grass roots charitable organization aimed at promoting self empowerment and peace in the impoverished, war torn and Tsunami devastated Eastern Province of Sri Lanka.

We have been operating with the people in the district of Batticaloa since early 2005. Our ‘See a Need; Fill a Need’ philosophy has led us to be involved in a number of approaches to achieve two main objectives. First we provide the emotional, material, and physical support needed to raise their quality of life. Second, once they begin to feel loved, worthy and capable of providing for themselves, we guide and teach them how to fulfill their own ideas and plans for a self-supported future. We help them create a way to manage life through small business initiatives and education.

We arrived in the region shortly following the 2004 Christmas day Tsunami disaster. It was a humbling experience to walk the beaches that were once filled with life, now desolate and destroyed. The civil war created a background of artillery fire and grenade blasts. We decided to see if there was a way to relieve some of the suffering of the local population. We began by building toilets and wells, providing basic shelters, and assisting people by acquiring tools and starting small businesses. We handed out the basic needs essential to life and simultaneously worked with people to help them learn how to generate an income.

Since then our attention has turned to the staggering population of orphaned, abandoned and neglected children that over a quarter century of ethnic warfare has created. We began working side by side with seven existing children’s homes, giving the necessary supplies they needed and starting small business opportunities in the hope of creating self-sufficiency. As we did this, a major focus was to create a loving environment where the children felt empowered to get an education and truly become the leaders of tomorrow. Much time has been spent in healing trauma through the creative arts.

Many of these children are from alcoholic homes. After being approached by members of the medical, police and religious communities we have embarked on a journey new to the region — alcohol and drug rehabilitation. Nothing we can build or teach can ever come close to the benefits of helping persons who suffer from addiction. To see them overcome their affliction and become wholesome, valued and productive members of their families and society again is truly helpful to everyone. If someone is willing to accept help in finding a new way to live without alcohol or drugs, we are there to support them. Our alcohol and drug rehabilitation program is being heralded by local leaders as one of the greatest gifts the people have ever received.

Working to empower women and maintain local heritage and customs are two of our core values.

We are a non-political organization. Our agenda is to help anybody who is suffering and we take no part in public opinion or finger pointing. We are committed to solutions, not blame.

We are non-religious. All beliefs are welcome.

We are a fully non-profit organization. We have no overhead and no administration costs. 100% of all our donations go directly to the people in need.

United Humanity Foundation is an incorporated non-profit in the province of Alberta. Corporate access number: 5116452409

We are currently unable to provide income tax receipts, however all paperwork has been submitted to Revenue Canada and we hope this will resolve soon.


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